First Round Asset Tracker: Tracking Ernie's First Round Picks & Trades

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FRAT: First Round Asset Tracker

A General Manager isn't going to hit on every first round draft pick. I think we all can agree on that. I think what makes a good GM in regards to drafting is of course getting the draft pick right more then you get it wrong and recovering from a mistake. In this case, we have Ernie Grunfeld which is notorious for making mistakes for that past 16 years and later I'll compare him to the multiple GM's that were in Toronto for that same span. In this post we're only focusing on his First Round Draft Picks and then track what he did with those assets whether he kept, traded, or let go in free agency. First Round Asset Tracker (FRAT). Here is an example

2007 – 1st Round Draft Pick [DRAFTED AT #16] Nick Young* [TRADED FOR] Nene, Brian Cook, 2015 2nd Round Draft Pick

  • Nene [FREE AGENT 16-17]
  • 2015 2nd Round Draft Pick* [TRADED FOR] Andre Miller and a 2014 2nd Round Draft Pick (Protected)
    • Andre Miller [TRADED FOR] Ramon Sessions [FREE AGENT 16-17]
  • Brian Cook [FREE AGENT 12-13]

Ernie just gets worse by every draft pick and trade
In 2007 Ernie Grunfeld drafted Shooting Guard Nick Young with the #16 pick. Outside of his shooting and some defense in his years as a Wizard he was a part of producing a bad culture here. In 2012, Young was a part of a package deal in a trade for Nene. The "*" you see next to Young's name means he was a part of a package deal on that trade which could include other players, draft picks, cash, and a Trade Player Exception (TPE). This trade actually changed the culture in DC so a win for Ernie here but when you look deeper this costed us three first round draft picks for four years of an older Nene. Nene in a way was a product of the 2007, 2008, and 2011 first round draft picks as you'll see later.

Ted Leonsis is the Billy McFarland of Fyre Festival

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And like the Fyre Festival was trying to pose as a real music festival the Washington Wizards are trying to pose as an actual NBA team. Nothing against any player on the Wizards just like nothing against some of the Fyre staff and the Bahamian men and women that worked day and night to try and make the festival work. It's not their faults. Both the Wizards and Fyre Festival failures are due to bad ownership and management. I mean, who gives the approval on signing a player like Ian Mahinmi to a big contract to backup and later replace a player like Marcin Gortat? You might as well go from sushi to a cheese sandwich.

Trevor Ariza Is The Only Thing To Show From Five 1st Round Draft Picks

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It all led to this

First Round Draft Picks from 2013-2017 so far has resulted in Trevor Ariza, Bobby Porter, Wesley Johnson, and Jabari Parker. The 2019-2020 season is expected to have only Ariza left due to expiring contracts. So five first round draft picks = Trevor Ariza. Bringing back Trevor Ariza is the only player we got from this. How? I'll expand on this in the future but I thought I'd have you think about this while you enter the weekend. Good work Ernie

New Addition to the List


I have to admit I had fun during the #KD2DC movement. I took it as fun as others took it as something serious. Compared to other teams who had the cap space why would he come here to a team that has a GM like Ernie Grunfeld? You think KD wanted to kick the ball out to Marcus Thorton and Ramon Sessions? 

After Plan B failed (Al Horford) Ernie Grunfeld went big heavy for some strange reason. Already with players like Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris he had an epiphany. Ernie decided completely to go the opposite way of today's NBA. He decided to get even more big and slower signing 3 more cement footed paint congesting bigs when John Wall was begging (and still is) for some athleticism. You know Ernie likes to do the opposite of common sense. Remember when John Wall needed shooting and Ernie drafted Jan Vesely? Anyways here is the new addition to the list.
  • In a failed effort to sign Kevin Durant in 2016, (when everyone knew KD was not coming to Washington except for Ernie) Ernie signed these 3 players which yet again set the Wizards back for years to come
    • Signed Ian Mahinmi for 4 years, $64 million. A career average of 5.1 points and 4.3 rebounds. One of the worst contracts in the league right now next to....
    • Signed Andrew Nicholas for 4 years, 26 million. A career 6 points and 3 rebounds.
    • Signed Jason Smith for 3 years $16 million.
A combined $106 million dollars....

I'm Back... Unfortunately

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Another year, another secret Ernie Grunfeld extension. When I say this site is depressing I mean THIS SITE IS DEPRESSING! I stay away from it as much as I can but it is calling me back in. I will update Ernie's Horrifically Bad Decisions this weekend. It must be done. For history purposes. One day 100 years from now this will be turned into a scary story told around a campfire in the abandon area in Chinatown where Capital One Arena once laid. For the district

"And then he traded away another first round pick to get rid of Andrew Nicholson whom he just signed a couple months ago..."

Predictable Ted

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I wrote this in my last post "Leonsis tweets or blogs during or at the end of a struggling season basically saying "You see, we're a good team" or "This team is going places #dcRising" after a winning streak". And then a couple days later he tweets this

Lets ignore the fact these players are being supported by a bench that ranks last in the league. This bench worth nearly 107 million constructed by Ernie Grunfeld who spent four years saving. Imagine this team with a better bench that could relieve the players Ted Leonsis mentioned. Especially a backcourt which one is injury prone and the other coming from two knee surgeries both logging high minutes.

I remember when Andray Blatche was resigned and Blatche had a couple of good games. Leonsis compared him to Zach Randolf. Another time during the Jordan Crawford era he called the Wall/Crawford/McGee trio his new big 3. We also can't forget the many times at the end of the playoff-less seasons the team would be on a winning streak and Leonsis would gloat. So this latest tweet was real predictable. Right on time Ted like always

With Ted Leonsis, It's Friendship over Championship

I'm going with the benefit of the doubt that Ted Leonsis is a sane person and not crazy. I say this because I have difficulty trying to understand the actions of an owner that refuses to make a move that would benefit the team as I watch countless other teams do. Leonsis is keeping Ernie Grunfeld as Team President and GM despite the fact for 13 years he is doing a terrible job of fielding a team by signing players who aren't good or are too hurt to play, losing season ticket holders, and seeing embarrassing low arena attendance each game. As all this is taking place Leonsis defends his actions by setting a low bar, blaming it on the building he owns, being condescending towards fans, and even fighting fans. This completely makes no sense as at one time Leonsis was pretty connected and well liked by fans. Why he would become so condescending and combative with fans unless he was protecting someone. Protecting his friend. And that is completely understandable and makes absolute sense. I know I'm going real arm chair psychologist right now but bear with me. I mean it's all there when you really look at it. The constant sly remarks towards his own paying customers, the words he had with a fan last week, the building excuses, and the low playoff bar. He's protecting him. He's protecting his friend. I mean who hasn't done this for a friend or family member? I've protected a friend before. I've got into physical altercations protecting a brother. I've made excuses for friends knowing damn well I shouldn't have. I've set a low bar a couple times for kids just so they can get out of a punishment and play. I've done what Leonsis has done and you probably have too.

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